There are several videos available on YouTube illustrating the use of 3DDXA Technology.

3D-SHAPER® 3DDXA technology | How To get 3D from 2D

Discover 3D-SHAPER® embedded technology, 3DDXA, that enables one to generate a patient-specific 3D model of the hip from a standard 2D DXA scan, and perform measurements of both cortical and trabecular bone density.

3DDXA algorithms-based technology relies on a population database of QCT scans, to create a shape and density 3D model, that is then registered onto a patient hip DXA scan. In a second step, the cortex is segmented in order to separate cortical from trabecular bone. This provides a patient-specific 3D model of the hip and facilitates the performance specific cortical and trabecular bone measurements.

3D-SHAPER® 3DDXA Technology Add 3D to Hip DXA

Discover 3D-SHAPER® 3DDXA technology.
Brief overview of 3D-SHAPER® software addition in the hip DXA scan workflow, with a review of the software interface and outcomes, with patient-specific 3D hip images, after a DXA is performed and aBMD image generated. This shows the automatic and rapid image post-processing workflow of 3D-SHAPER®, when added into a clinical practice.
3D-SHAPER® Analyses The Proximal Femur In 3D From A Standard 2D DXA Scan.

3D-SHAPER® 3DDXA Clinical Case #1 Prognosis

3D-SHAPER® 3DDXA Technology Clinical Case Review: young osteopenic postmenopausal woman considered with moderate risk of fracture, based on aBMD and FRAX® results who sustained a hip fracture. The addition of 3D bone parameters – as assessed by 3D-SHAPER® – revealed her density distribution and highlighted very low trabecular bone density. That could have helped identify her fragility and increased risk of fracture and provide her appropriated treatment.

3D-SHAPER® Demo Video

This demo video will take you through 3D-SHAPER® software workflow to analyse a hip DXA scan to quickly discover its features and rapid and automatic processing:
Import an analysed DXA scan
Launch 3D-SHAPER® image processing
Review the 3D analysis and 3D measurements of cortical and trabecular bone
Visualise 3D-SHAPER® examination report with patient monitoring
3DDXA Technology

3D-SHAPER® Software Introduction

Discover 3D-SHAPER® independent and automatic medical image processing software. 3D-SHAPER® incorporates 3D-DXA Technology and generates a patient-specific 3D model of the hip from a standard DXA scan, extracts cortical and trabecular bone density information, and creates a full patient report with individual values plotted on reference population data curves – including examination and follow-up.

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